Akashic Record - Level 1 Class

Level 1 Akashic Records Class

Learn How to Access Your Akashic Records

with Eileen Murray


Tuesday March 30 6-9pm ET

Wednesday March 31- 6-9pm ET and a follow up

Tuesday April 6, 6-9pm ET

CANADIANS please register with me through murray50@gmail.com


The Akashic Records are a Universal Field of Energy which holds the Blueprint of all that is Creation. Everyone has a Blueprint within the Akashic Records.


The Akashic Records holds the story of Life, the story of your Soul. Knowing your Records will reveal how to move forward in life from the consciousness of the Soul.


Eileen Murray's background in Jungian psychology, shamanism and various forms of energy work, creates a strong bridge between the inner and outer worlds.


Cost: $385.00 Includes a 1/2 private session before the class by phone.



Level 1 Akashic Record Class w Eileen Mu