New Akashic Records - Level 1 Class

Level 1 New Akashic Records

Learn How to Access Your New Akashic Records

with Eileen Murray


Friday February 18,  6-8pm PST

Saturday February 19, 9:30am - noon

 Follow up:  Thursday  February 24, 6-8pm PST


The New Akashic Records are the Universal Field of Pure Consciousness which holds the Blueprint of all that is already fully manifest in the Field of Wholeness, the Unified, Infinite Field.  The New Akashic Records are all that reveals from the Consciousness of everything as being already manifest in it's wholeness.


The New Akashic Records are Pure Consciousness, the Infinite Essence of Life, your Pure Being,the state of Consciousness where everything in it's invisible state is already manifest.  In working with your New Akashic Record, you stand in your Wholeness and learn how to let go of what veils that which you truly are. 

 We are so used to thinking that we have to get somewhere, but what IF, we learn that we are already there in and as our Essence, and that we can then learn how to let go of our limited beliefs, and thoughts.  It is our fears, doubts and  limited thoughts that veil our Authentic Self.  Working with your New Records shows us how to dissolve the veils of limitation in all areas of life, and allow what is already there to move from the background to the foreground, by dissolving the veils.


Eileen Murray's background in Jungian psychology, shamanism and various forms of energy work, creates a strong bridge between the inner and outer worlds.


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Level 1 Akashic Record Class w Eileen Mu