The Akashic Records course, led by Eileen Murray has been beneficial to me in many ways. 

It is more than a useful tool, it is a life skill that I have incorporated into my every day morning routine. Each day, I open my Akashic Records. Sometimes I have specific questions to ask or topics to ponder. Other times, I simply ask that anything I need to know become known. Whether it be business or personal in nature, insights and wisdom arrive clearly and swiftly. 


In business, I now consult my records to create new services, to help place a monetary value on them, plus decide how and when to market and promote them. I consult my records when I am invited to partner on a project, or speak to a specific group.Trusting the insights I receive in my records takes the guesswork out of decision-making. And the services created in this way have been popular and profitable. There is ease in my communications and relationships as they are divinely led and supported.


Eileen is a gracious, understanding, and open-hearted person. She leads this course while honouring each individual. I have been fully supported while deepening my understanding of the spiritual realm. I consider Eileen a trusted advisor in this area, and I always look forward to our conversations."  - Laurie Bartley

"It is a great honour to share with you my experience working with Eileen Murray. She brings a deep awareness to us about how to access the Akashic Records for our personal and business growth, and is instrumental in our movement into the new consciousness. Eileen’s teaching method is divinely guided and you feel her gentleness, authenticity and connection while working together.

Eileen speaks Spirit to Spirit. I first met Eileen in 2012 at a Law of Attraction meet up group that was 45 minutes from both of our homes. We sat a couple of people away from each other and spoke briefly. When it was over, I got up to leave and started to walk away. Spirit moved me to turn around and go back to introduce myself to her. We discovered we lived 10 minutes apart. A deep and loving friendship formed instantly, and has since been instrumental in my spiritual connection to Source and Love. She has been a great teacher and mentor to me.
Eileen first introduced the Akashic Records to me shortly after we met, and she did a 20 minute session with me. That session began my journey from not believing in myself to giving myself permission to trust and honour myself and Life. 

One year ago I left a job where I was completely out of alignment with my work. It was killing my spirit. Eileen and I reconnected, and during the past six months, I became very much in alignment with Universal Love. Many things that blocked me previously have dissipated and the movement to clear binding energy is fast and complete while working in the records. Life feels easy when only six months ago it was a struggle. What I realize about working with the Records, is my lack of attachments to things and situations. Life flows. Experiences flow. Writing flows.

I highly recommend Eileen and the important work she brings to the world.  She helps people access their Akashic Record to create more alignment and abundance in their business, finances and relationships, and especially the relationship we have with our self. The value Eileen brings to the world is immeasurable."  - Pamela Lynch

"Through Eileen Murray's sensitive reading of the Records, she was able to shine a light on my inner world, providing guidance, confidence and “big picture” perspective that helped make an invaluable difference in my life.  Eileen has a genuine gift for working with the Akashic Records.  Her wisdom and profound connection to higher worlds is rare, empowering Eileen to offer important insights for substantial, life changing personal growth.”   - Barry Mack 

"The following is what I came up with for your "Transcendent" meditation/work. It's very difficult to put something so esoteric into words:  I have found the work Eileen is doing around the Transcendent Self to be a very powerful tool. In fact, one of the most transformative spiritual disciplines I have experienced in my 45+ years as a healer, energy worker, intuitive teacher, and student of metaphysics. As we are moving from the old Picean Age into the Aquarian many of us are feeling a great pull to create and embody a new matrix. Eileen's work allows one to work in accordance with one's soul to actually create a new "template" that can greatly speed up ones evolution into the new era. The new being a new paradigm where thought affects the physical dimension immediately. I have found great clarity and clearing since working with Eileen in this way."   - Dean

"The Emanations:  It has somehow connected to and shifted my entire understanding of manifestation, but I could not, at this point, explain or describe how I came to it or how it connects. All I know is that it is very powerful. The Emanations are so extermely subtle, yet their power shows (manifests) itself in other ways."   - Pauline,  NY

"I believe my migraines are of the past. I have let go of the stress of performance and feeling responsible for my networking team, to being responsible to myself and others. I asked the Emanations to turn up their frequency and I am truly vibrating on a higher frequency. I now pray for open-mindedness in all I meet. Being in Vegas and on the plane I should have been having migraines ... not even a twitch!"    - Tracee, Kelowna BC

"Eileen, you have taught me a great deal about our connection to Spirit, the Emanations and to the Akashic Records. Learning to access my own records give me clarity in my life and business, the ability to work with energy and a deep knowing about love. Thank you for teaching me that everything needs to be loved and to release something ... we love it even more."   - Pamela, Kelowna BC

Learning to open the Akashic Records has been incredibly helpful to connect to the inner wakings of my soul. I am happy to open my records and ask a question if that's where I'm at that day. I find I don't see visions or hear audible messages, but rather a thought comes through or a vision. Often this thought presents an idea or a solution or an aspect of my soul , that I didn't know was there before but can now get needed attention. Other times, I may feel the need to just open my records and sit in that vibration and see what comes through. I then often do art as a part of my time in my records. There I find full acceptance, creative insights, and an opening to a special kind of juicy flow. I feel supported during that time and my confidence and visions flourish. I now open my records as a daily practice to listen to my guides and my inner voice and to see what message surfaces through my art. This is important to me both personally and spiritually but also in a creative sense. Eileen is a gifted teacher who will teach you the inner workings of what it is to open the Akashic Records and how they can help you in the way you need. Her encouragement and teachings, help you discover your potential to connect to universal spirit, your guides and your higher self. She does not answer questions for you, rather more importantly, she guides you how to find the door that you yourself will open and then sit down and reunite with your hearts desire.


Brown Insect
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