The New Akashic Records

The New Akashic Records: The Field of EVERYTHING.


The Akashic Records is known as the Field of Everything.  Every thought, feeling and idea is recorded in The Akashic Field. Every person, every animal, every business, every city, country, everything  that is in form has an file within the Divine Field/ Akashic Records.


The Akashic Field holds all possibilities, ideas and states of potential which will inform your life, your animal or your business from the Soul Level when accessed.


In opening your New Akashic Record, I open to your Infinite Nature and I access the potential which is desiring to be revealed in your life,  your animal, your home, or your business. 

Everything that is in form has an Akashic Record.  

Everything in creation has a Record; the earth, your home, your future home, the land,  your business, your city,  the country you live in. All that is relevant to your life situation, is in your New Akashic Record.