Akashic Records & Business

The Akashic Field is known as The Field of Everything.

The Akashic Record is the DNA of your business.

Learn to access this level of your business.



Systems theorist, Ervin Laszlo states that science is in a position to produce a theory of everthing.  Drawn on anomalies found in cosmology, quantum physics, biology, and consciousness studies, Laszlo shows that the discovery in physics of the zero point energy field, known as the universal information field  was also known, in ancient times, as the Akashic Field.


~ Ervin Laszlo, PhD, Author of Science and the Akashic Field & Founder of Systems Philosophy





Whether your business is a large business or corporation, a small company, a one person adventure or a networking marketing business,  accessing the Akashic Records allows for a broader perspective on every aspect of the business across the board.


Learn how you can move forward in ways that you cannot imagine by having Eileen access your Akashic Record in relationship to your  business or your network marketing business.  The information and directives from the Akashic Records  is supportive, uplifting, transformative and  creative.


In a Business Consultation we look at your relationship to your business from a broader perspective given from the information from your Akashic Record and the Akashic Record of your business.

If you are in a network marketing business, I DO NOT open the original Records of the business you are part of.  I DO open your Records in relationship to the network marketing business.  It would be like accessing the essence from the mission statement of the company, which is available to the public.  It is what the essence of the company is about, that is available for all.  Each network marketing company has a different flavor, a different energy signature, and your energy as a member of the company is in relationship with that company's energy signature.


Seeing your business in a new light we look at your spiritual essence in relationship to your business.  What is your potential in relationship to your business? If it is a private business, like an entrepreneurial adventure or your art business, what is the untapped potential of the business?  These questions are explored within your Akashic Record and the Akashic Record of your business.


We look at what is working and what is not.  What is needed to achieve your business' potential?


What needs to be let go of?  What needs to be integrated?  Then a cohesiveness is created between you and your business.


You move from limitation to greater possibilities.  Move beyond limitation to truth and the greater potential of your business.


What is needed to create the New?


Bring all of the pieces together so that you and your business are in harmony!



Eileen has offered Akashic Consultations nationally and internationally providing personal and business consultations.



Learn how to access your own Akashic Record and that of your business and consider the following.


The Akashic Record of your business can be accessed and used productively as a key business tool - the result being the illumination and directive that will provide the best growth path for your business/networking business .  Accessing the Record and using it is a process can be taught to members of your business.


A vision and mission statement displayed prominently on the walls is one thing, getting people behind these statements and living them is another.  Within the Akashic Record, each person can extract their " true wisdom" and creativity and use this information to stimulate new energy and enthusiasm for growth.



Benefits of Ongoing Work in the Akashic Records


  • Discover and work toward the business' greater purpose of service in the world

  • Re-connect with its Greater Intelligence by releasing our human dramas while focusing on the bigger picture

  • Bring greater harmony, wisdom and understanding into the work environment

  • Allow Higher Consciousness to illuminate specific steps for business growth

  • Stimulate professional enthusiasm and professional worth while  maintaining focus on productivity and bottom line results

  • Attract and maintain like-minded professionals who will become new creative catalysts to help the organization flourish

  • Develop One Accord Leadership by fostering positive relationships that build integrity into the workplace

  • Hold and project a win-win attitude to your clients that makes them want to do business with you

  • Influence the future character of your organization.



Creating Spiritually Integrated Action


Teams are asked to perform at higher and higher levels.  With this process, your team is taken into greater levels of harmony, trust and confidence with one another by allowing them to work as a group within their Records.  They learn how to create an environment of understanding and compassion toward one another that brings accountability and performance into focus by working in one accord.