With a background in Jungian psychology, shamanism and various forms of energy work, Eileen has created a strong bridge between the inner and outer worlds. ​Her B.A. is in Art and Psychology from Norwich University of Vermont and her M.A. in Liberal Arts from Lesley University Boston.

Having been involved in the world of dreams through delving into the world of the unconscious, since the early 1980's, Eileen has come to know both the Light and the Shadow sides of the psyche. This journey has affected every area of Eileen's personal and professional life.


Over the past fifteen years Eileen has consulted and taught people how to access their Akashic Record and the records of their business nationally and internationally. She also works with people to discover the hidden treasures within the world of dreams, while listening to one's intuition found in the wisdom of the body. Creating art is also expressed through working with the Akashic Records. As a contemporary artist, Eileen invites all aspects of color, texture, light and dark to inhabit the canvas.



Eileen Murray   MA  ~  International Consultant & Teacher