The Art of Receiving: Accessing your Unlimited Self for the directive to all of your life situations.


The Art of Receiving shows you how to receive and create from the Unlimited, Infinite part of your Greater Self.



Our Unlimited Being, is whole, complete, wise, all loving. It teaches you how to step out from the thoughts and beliefs that restrict your life and align to the Infinite Self that you are.


This Unlimited Being that is your True Nature, knows how to dissolve those limitations with ease and shows you how to come into alignment with what serves the highest good in every area of your life.


You will learn how to identify what is keeping you restricted.


You will learn how to release those thoughts and beliefs from the awareness of the Infinite Being.


You will come into greater alignment with your Greater Self as the wholeness that you truly are. From this awareness you will see how to identify those limiting patterns during your day and invoke the Power of the Unlimited Self.


Wednesday, May 26

Time: 6-7:30pm PST

Upon registration you will be given the call in number

The class will be recorded

Cost: $48.00






Working with the New Akashic Records is a powerful way to reveal The Master Self within which IS  Infinite Self which abides within your New Akashic Record.

During the first ½ hour,  I will talk about the Records and work with a meditation.

The second ½ hour is for questions.


We will explore how working with the Akashic Records benefits every area of your life.

  • Learn how to release resistance to what is happening within oneself and with the world 

  • Access a vast awareness when working with clients

  • Get clarity with decision making

  • Learn an easy way to identify the limited patterns which cover up access to the Infinite that you are

  • Release your limited consciousness to the Infinite Consciousness

  • The Infinite Self which you are is Peaceful,  Whole, Complete and Naturally Abundant

  • Greater clarity  and directives for your day to day business decisions

Registration Required.

Contact Eileen at

New Creation Workshop ... Open in person or Class

The New Creation Workshop


This is a two-part teleseminar workshop, which will attune you to this Frequency from Source. The Frequency will work unique to your energy.


Working with the New Creation Frequency, rebalances, recreates, any aspect of mind, body and emotions.  Limiting beliefs are cleared, physical conditions, abundance perceptions, as well as other limiting life experiences.  This New Creation frequency assists in clearing, and realigns the mind, body, and spirit into the new frequency.


You will learn:

  1. How to center yourself quickly

  2. Learn the Power of Positive Thoughts and Language

  3. Build Trust with the Frequency

  4. How to apply the Frequency to every aspect of your life

  5. Discernment between mind vs Source information

  6. Spiritual Integrity

  7. Learn how to work with others with this, including animals


  The first three hours is learning the technique.  

  The last two hours is going deeper with your experience.  



COST $185.00 


The conference line number will be sent upon registration

Contact:  Eileen  or  778-754-0885

Akashic Records Class ... 2017

Working with the Akashic Records is a powerful way to access The Master Self within which aligns you to your Infinite potential within your Akashic Record.


What you will learn and experience from working with the Akashic Records:

  • Expanded awareness in insights, decision-making, creating new ideas and projects

  • When working with a client

  • Have your Record open for greater clarity with decision-making

  • Creating a project, art, music, designing a course

  • How to move forward in your life

  • Identifying & releasing old thought patterns

  • Embodying what your Soul is wanting to bring through and how to bring this into your life

  • Clarity in any area of your life


This class runs over three separate dates:

  • Three hours

  • Two hours

  • Two hours


Phone:  778-754-0885



Prerequisite consultation is required for anyone who has not previously had an Akashic consultation.

Consultation fee is 150.00 and Class fee is $385.00


Location:  Kelowna - exact address TBA



Hello Everyone,


Information within the Akashic Records is always changing, and unfolding.


This introduction will show you how to work with the Akashic Records, also known as the Cosmic Field or the Field of Everything. 

I work with the Masters, the Lords of the Records, the Emanation of the Godhead and with the Transcendent in a particular way. 

We will explore how working with the Records, the frequency of the Emanations and the Transcendent is applicable to every aspect of your life.


This call is open to everyone. 

If you know of others who are interested they are welcome.  


This is on my conference line for the US and Canada:  


If you live in Europe or countries other than Canada or the US, I have a phone number that will connect you into my line.

Contact me by e-mail and I will send you the information.


You may  e-mail any questions to


Meet more of who you truly are  through your Akashic Record.


With love,



Contact Eileen


Phone   778-754-0885






An Evening with the Emanations 



Eileen has been working with the Emanations for about 14 years. They are operating at a high frequency from Source to support us on our journey to open to our Beingness.  To assist us in living and abiding from our Beingness and from this inner place, to  let go of limiting beliefs, resistance , fears & limitations, with Grace. Their teaching to us is that we are Infinite Beings of Love. After being in their company and experiencing their vibration, anyone can call on their assistance.


In this evening workshop, you will have the opportunity to participate with Eileen, bringing in and holding that vibration, as well as a chance to ask some questions.


You can learn to access the Emanation's  vibration by skype, phone or in person.